Developer & Publisher
The Alekon Company
Release Date
June 12, 2021
PC, Nintendo Switch
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Photography, Creature Collection, Single Player



Journey through your imagination to photograph whimsical creatures, known as fictions, embodying concept from Micro Management to Rainy Day Magic.

Once photographed, fictions join you on Dream's Doorstep, where you can befriend them by helping out with mini-games and dialogue quests. Paint auroras, tune and play musical instruments, design snowflakes, compose ghost stories, stump fictions lost in existential musings, and much more!

All this is interspersed with wandering around the realms, and using tools like donut treats, magnets, and throwable fireflies to solve puzzles and get fictions to strike collectable poses.




The 3 of us met at Riot Games. Kevin spent his weekends for years building a small photography game in Unreal Engine 4, using marketplace assets, while Daniel created whimsical creatures to photograph. In 2019 Max stepped in to help bring the game up to modern standards. Along the way, friends would often lend us a hand, helping sketch a concept, or test a prototype.

We worked remotely, which let us continue developing during the pandemic, and in fact that is when we were able to really focus on bringing the project to completion.

Kevin Notar
The project's founder, Kevin is an audio engineer with credits ranging from League of Legends to STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order. Kevin does all the music and sounds for the game, most of the level design, and half of the game design and writing.
Max Shawabkeh
A software engineer, previously at Google and Riot Games, releasing Stonehearth before joining Alekon. Max does all the tech and gameplay implementation for the game, all the UI art and UX, and half of the game design and writing.
Daniel Kraft
A modeler and animator, currently at Player First Games, and previously at Riot Games. Daniel designed, modeled, and animated all the charming fictions you see in Alekon.


Can I use the press kit contents or game footage in my review or Let's Play video?
Certainly! You are explicitly allowed to use the press kit assets and any game footage you capture in reviews, news articles, video streams, playthrough videos, and related media, for commercial and non-commercial purposes, including monetizing videos containing such content.
Can I get a review copy?
Absolutely! Drop us a line at press@alekongame.com and we'll get you set up with a Steam key.
Is Alekon available on other platforms?
Alekon is available on Windows (Steam, GOG.com, Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch.
How long is Alekon?
A typical playthrough takes about 6 hours, and a completionist run can take 15 hours or more.
Can I export the photos I captured?
Once you finish the main storyline, you will gain a tool to export photos. Before that, you can grab them from your savegame folder, which is under: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Alekon\Saved\SaveGame
Will there be any DLC or purchaseable content?
Alekon is a single purchase and has no other monetization. We do not have any DLC planned, but we are committed to maintaining the game, and potentially adding new content at no extra cost if there's enough player interest. However, the original soundtrack containing 2 hours of music across 73 track is available on Steam for $4.99.
What does Alekon draw inspiration from?
We set out to make a spiritual successor to Pokemon Snap, but felt limited by the on-rails gameplay, so we added free-roaming movement, minigames, events, quests, and more. Other inspirations include: A Story About My Uncle (puzzles), the Tales series (UI style), Guitar Hero (mini-games), Rime (art style), What Remains of Edith Finch (whimsy, gameplay variety), Sea of Thieves (art style), Mario Party (music, mini-games), Pikmin (music), Monkey Island (dialogue quests), and more.


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Alekon Main Title
Idyll Island
Snowdrop Slopes
The Ice Caves
Glimmerwink Grove
Prickly Pass

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